4-Vinyloxybutyl acrylate


Product of the month | May 2021

4-Vinyloxybutyl acrylate is an acrylate monomer bearing a vinyl ether functional moiety. This monomer has been shown to be of high interest in various patents. For instance, it can be used (i) in active energy ray-polymerizable optical stereolithography resin composition [1], (ii) in the composition of inks exhibiting good curability, adhesion, alkali resistance and storage stability [2] or as crosslinking agent for vinyl ester or polyester resins [3]. It was also used in the composition of radiation-curable inkjet ink for decorative molded articles.[4] If you are interested to evaluate this specific monomer for your own R&D purpose, batches of 5g, 10g and 25g are available at SPECIFIC POLYMERS.


[1] JP2013-136773, 2013

[2] JP2013-161476, 2013

[3] FR2018-73157, 2018

[4] JP2017125133, 2014

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