9-Anthracenylmethyl Methacrylate

9-anthracenylmethyl methacrylates

Product of the month | January 2021

SP-43-0-005 is a methacrylate-based monomer bearing an anthracene group. This monomer can be used in different polymerization conditions such as classical polymerization, photopolymerization and ATRP [1,2]. For biomedical and diagnosis applications, the resulting 9-anthracenylmethyl methacrylate polymer (pAMMA) is linked on the surface of nanoparticles.

As an example, the binding of pAMMA on the surface of magnetic nanoparticles is described to lead to a significant amplification of the fluorescence signal for DNA detection [3]. In another domain, this monomer is used to prepare conductive polymer binders for Si anode, that improve the Lithium ion battery performance by increasing the aromatic content [4].

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