About us

Chemical Research Company

Research in functional monomers, polymers, materials and coatings


Created in 2003, SPECIFIC POLYMERS is a research company and chemical supplier of functional monomers, polymers and materials with enhanced performances.

For many years, major industrial companies and universities worldwide have trusted on our skills to provide on-demand synthesis, research programs, R&D products, analysis services or support for upscaled production. We seek to anticipate future trends and needs; we create new products in accordance with tomorrow’s materials requirements.


SPECIFIC POLYMERS assists you in validating your proofs of concept and taking your ideas one step further.

Thanks to our strong technical skills and our comprehensive knowledge, we can help you address your research problems and implement your innovative ideas. As chemical research company, we are committed to providing you the best products and advanced expertise to reach your objectives. As a design office, our strength lies in the diversity of our knowledge, activities and fields of application. Our complementary strengths contribute to our ability to provide you breakthrough innovation.


Founded by Cédric Loubat, current CEO of SPECIFIC POLYMERS, the company always strives to fill the gap between academic and industrial research.

Most of the scientific innovations generated by academic researchers moving toward higher technology reading levels (TRL) are often stopped prematurely. This is partly due to the research laboratories’ inability to produce enough matter to validate proofs of concept at pilot, semi-industrial or industrial scale. We can provide the necessary support.

   We aim to meet your needs through a flexible and innovative design approach for your polymers and materials   

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein

In life, there is nothing to fear and everything to understand

Marie Curie

Anything capable of being imagined will one day be made reality

Jules Verne

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Our values

Your satisfaction is our primary concern

We believe our main mission as a chemical research company is to satisfy our consumers and help them drive their growth forward. Whatever your need, we are devoted to support your innovative projects.

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Safety is our main concern in all aspects of our R&D activities. We pay specific attention to the safety in our labs and the reliability of our processes. We have established an ideal working environment for our employees to ensure their safety in their daily work.

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Customer Centricity

We put our customers first. We provide tailor-made solutions to move forward together, delivering materials and innovative products to validate proofs of concept and ultimately reaching the initial objectives.

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Business Ethic

All our collaborations are covered by an non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We agree not to engage in similar studies with other clients who would compete with your project. We consider and adapt to new clients’ concerns.

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We are passionate about people and performance; we strive for a continuous development and optimization of our solutions in a close partnership with our customers. We offer flexibility in our research programs that can be modified depending on your needs.

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We provide our customers the most reliable scientific results by highlighting both our achievements and the difficulties encountered. We act with transparency to make our collaboration successful and efficient.

Our activities

We provide support from design to production

We meet your outsourced research needs by ensuring that your project is feasible and doable by set deadlines. We position ourselves as a partner research company to achieve your objectives. More, we guarantee you continual monitoring of our progress and ongoing assistance.