Batteries & Supercaps | ChemElectroChem – Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries

The symposium on lithium-Ion batteries gathers international stakeholders in the field of innovative battery. This virtual event will be composed of two sessions:

  • Sodium Batteries (14:00-15:15 CET) | Participation of Philipp Adelhelm and Nagore Ortiz-Vitoriano
  • Multivalent Batteries (15:15-17:00 CET) | Participation of Giuseppe Antonio Elia, Magali Gauthier and Robert Dominko

Enjoy 2 sessions with five exciting 25-minute presentations and participate in interactive question-and-answer sessions.


2nd March 2021 | 2PM



Cédric Loubat is going to participate to this great virtual event.

At SPECIFIC POLYMERS, we own a strong expertise in the field of lithium battery.

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