Bénédicte Daydé-Cazals, PhD

Bénédicte Daydé-Cazals, PhD

Lab Manager
Products and R&D Manager

Bénédicte graduated from “ecole nationale supérieure de chimie de Montpellier” (ENSCM) in 2007 and performed a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and drug discovery in 2010 in collaboration with Idenix Pharmaceuticals and the “architectures moléculaires et matériaux nanostructurés” (AM2N) team (ICG-UM2-ENSCM). After more than nine years working in the pharmaceutical R&D field, she joined SPECIFIC POLYMERS in 2018. With experience in the management of chemist teams, R&D programs and chemistry laboratories, she supervises the R&D product portfolio as well as the synthesis laboratory. In addition, Bénédicte is responsible for internal research and is thus highly involved in various R&D projects in the fields of health, energy, environment and high-performance materials.

Main Research Areas: Functionalized building-blocks, monomers & polymers, organic chemistry.

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