D,L-homocysteine thiolactone acrylamide

Product of the month | November 2021

SP-49-024 is an acrylamide monomer bearing D,L-homocysteine thiolactone moiety. Over the last decade, five-membered ring thiolactones (γ-thiolactones) have received renewed interest with the work of Du Prez et al. in the field of functional polymer synthesis. They highlighted that amine-based chemicals could readily open γ-thiolactones to generate a thiol that could further react with a reactive double bond. The use of various functionalized homocysteine thiolactones for this so-called amine−thiol−ene conjugation reaction has led to the synthesis of a tremendous number of complex functional polymers.[1] SP-49-024 monomer can thus be used for the synthesis of polymers bearing thiolactone functionalities that can be seen as thiol protecting groups in thiol-ene polymer synthesis to avoid disadvantages of free thiols.

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