Product of the month | February 2023

SP-40-005 is the Ethyl-acetoxyacrylate (EAA), a reactive precursor with a low boiling point (84-85°C) and used in a large range of chemical reactions.

This 2-oxyacrylate functionalized by an acetyl group can be used as monomer in conventional radical polymerization but also in controlled polymerization (eg: MADIX1) with different acrylic monomers leading to copolymers with biodegradability properties2 or/and heat resistance and transparency.3

In addition, this unsaturated precursor is also involved in different organic reactions such as coupling reactions (eg: Heck4), cycloadditions or reductive radical additions.5 This product is a key reactant to access to several innovative synthetic precursors such as monoaryl pyruvates4, lactate derivatives5 or modified nucleosides6.

SP-40-005 is available at 5, 10 or 25g scale and bulk quantities can be synthesized on demand.


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