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  • The Plant Based Summit 2021 2021 Conference gathers international stakeholders in the field of biobased solutions. The objective is to stimulate bio...

  • The Electrical Energy Storage 2021  is Europe's largest and most visited exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems. It gathers international...

  • On June 15th, Alain GRAILLOT – COO of SPECIFIC POLYMERS participated to AIRPOXY Public Workshop. AIRPOXY Project is a H2020 Project led by CIDETEC in ...

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  • February 2023 | SP-40-005 is the Ethyl-acetoxyacrylate (EAA), a reactive precursor with a low boiling point (84-85°C) and used in a large range of chemical reactions. This 2-oxyacrylate functionalized by an acetyl group can be used as monomer in conventional radical polymerization [...]


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