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Design of polymers and materials with specific functionality

The first step in designing polymers and materials with specific functionality is synthesising, the appropriate monomers or building blocks. To do so, we have strong competencies and skills in organic chemistry.

As a designer of polymers, materials and coatings, SPECIFIC POLYMERS researchers can conceptualise their own monomers and material building-blocks. Consequently, we are accustomed to synthesizing (macro) molecules bearing (meth)acrylate, (meth)acrylamide, styrene, vinyl or allyl groups, which allow us to provide a wide range of functional monomers and macromonomers. Moreover, we can custom design thermoset material building-blocks such as epoxy, cyclocarbonate, maleimide, carbodiimide, cyanate ester, benzoxazine or phthalonitrile.

From inception, we have a maintained strong expertise in phosphorus, silicon and fluorine-based functional groups and can chemically modify or synthesize monomers, polymers and building blocks bearing phosphonic acid, alkoxysilane or perfluoroalkyl moieties.

Functional groups created by our company’s building blocks and polymers differ in chemical nature. First, we can synthesize (macro) molecules bearing any reactive hetero-functional moiety, such as: alcohol, amine, azide, thiol, halogen, aldehyde, propargyl, nitrile or isocyanate. We also work with various acidic functions, for example, carboxylic, phosphonic and boronic acids or acyl chlorides. Additionally, it is also possible to protect these functional groups with protecting groups of different nature (acetate, silyl ether, phosphonate ester, acetonide, Boc, Fmoc, etc.).

Finally, we are expanding our synthesis capacity that allows us to propose innovative functionalities. For instance, SPECIFIC POLYMERS offers various salts and ionic functional groups (sulfonate, TFSI, imidazolium, alkylammonium, etc.) or heterocyclic functional groups (thiolactone, maleimide, succinimide, Tempo, etc.).

organic chemistry company SPECIFIC POLYMERS
organic chemistry company SPECIFIC POLYMERS

Do you still have some doubts regarding our ability to work on your specific chemistry? Please find below a non-exhaustive list of chemical reactions mastered by our organic chemists:

  • Unsaturated groups: Michael addition, oxidation of alkenes/epoxidation (Prilezhaev reaction), Diels-Alder reaction, halogenation of alkenes and alkynes, hydrosilylation, acidic hydrolysis of alkenes.
  • Carboxylic acids and derivatives: Synthesis of acyl chloride, Fischer esterification, transesterification, thioesterification, reduction of carboxylic acids,…
  • Alcohols and phenols: Williamson etherification, glycidylation, Mitsunobu acylation, (meth)acrylation, allylation, tosylation and mesylation, oxidation,…
  • Amines and derivatives: alkylation, amidification, transamidification, quaternization,…
  • Halogenated derivates: Nucleophilic substitutions, Finkelstein reaction, Pd-catalyzed coupling reactions,…
  • Phosphorus containing moieties: Michaelis-Arbuzov, Pudovik, Moedritzer-Irani, Kabachnik-Fields, C-H phosphonation,…

The list mentioned above of functionalities and chemical reactions is not restrictive and enables us to work on many custom synthesis requests to develop innovative functional monomers and building blocks not commercially available.

As organic chemistry company, we can reproduce protocols from scientific articles and patents or establish new synthetic routes to prepare the (macro) molecules you envisioned. Therefore, our objective is to validate the chemical process to produce the required quantities, validating your proof of concept in your application field.

Download our functionality overview to learn more about our expertise

Functionality Overview

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