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Polymer and Materials Chemists

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Our team is made up of polymer and materials chemists with complementary experience. Above all, they excel in the fields of organic, polymer, and materials chemistry and the corresponding physico-chemical characterizations. Our administrative and management staff are also indispensable.

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Agathe Bouvet-Marchand, PhD

Samuel Malburet

Bénédicte Daydé-Cazals, PhD

Camille Chatard

Mathéo Berthet, PhD

Mathilde Orselly, PhD

Pauline Biais, PhD

Fiona Magliozzi, PhD

Pierre-Louis Brient

Antoine Suty

Florian Briée

Estelle Liautaud

Lucie Fournier, PhD

Quentin Crouzet

Solène Guggari

Théotime Perron

Alexandre Mau, PhD

Cécile Richard

Servane Benedde

Hugo Bertrand

Elsa Berthaut

David Dewaele


Alain Graillot, PhD

Cédric Loubat, PhD

Christelle Paume

Clémentine Antolin

Marion Combre

Sandrine Monnier

Cécile Jouveneaux

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