Pauline Biais, PhD

Pauline Biais, PhD

Research Engineer
Custom Synthesis & Industrial Projects

Pauline graduated from the “école nationale supérieure de chimie, de biologie et de physique” (ENSCBP) Chemistry School in 2017 and she received her Ph.D in polymer chemistry at Sorbonne University in 2020. Her professional experience includes the synthesis and characterization of functional polymers through controlled radical polymerization, step-growth polymerization and polymer post-modification. Pauline also has extensive knowledge of organic chemistry and the design of innovative monomers and building blocks of interest in various fields. She became a member of the SPECIFIC POLYMERS team in 2020 to lead industrial R&D and custom synthesis projects.

Main Research Areas: Free and controlled radical polymerization (reversible addition−fragmentation chain-transfer (RAFT), polymerization-induced self-assembly (PISA)-RAFT), step-growth polymerization, grafted polymers, biodegradable polymers, monomer synthesis.

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