PEO Bis Carbonate

Product of the month | October 2021

This lithium battery additive is a poly(ethylene glycol) functionalized with carbonate group at the end of each chain. This PEO was designed by chemical structural analogy with EC and PC (Ethylene and Propylene Carbonate). Add this innovative R&D product to your electrolytes to reach unexpected performances. The poly(ethylene glycol) α,ω-bis(cyclocarbonate) is also very interesting in the development of Solid Polymer Electrolytes (SPE) in the field of lithium batteries. Indeed, both EO units and cyclocarbonates are lithium conductive moieties. SP-1P-0-003 can be used either as an additive in SPE formulations, or as a main component of the matrix when crosslinked SPE are targeted.

Our PEO bis carbonate (SP-1P-0-003) is a poly(ethylene glycol) functionalized with a five-membered cyclic carbonate group on each chain extremity. This R&D product is synthesized by using corresponding diglycidylether-PEO and CO2 as raw materials in the presence of catalyst.

This product is also a valuable polymeric building-block in the research and design of poly(hydroxy urethane) materials or coatings. The hydrophilicity of the PEO backbone was shown to be of high interest in the preparation of low-toxicity Non-Isocyanate PolyUrethane (NIPU) hydrogels. More, NIPU network prepared out of such cyclocarbonate precursors are intrinsically reprocessable via transcarbamoylation exchange reactions and reversible cyclic carbonate aminolysis which pave the way toward recyclability, reparability or self-healing properties.

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