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March 2021

Research on flame retardancy of polymeric materials as well as developing architecturally designed flame retardant polymers has experienced a tremendous upward trend in the last decade. Phosphorus flame retardants are a broad and expanding class of additive or reactive building-blocks used to improve the fire safety of flammable materials such as plastics, textiles, wood, paper, and other flammable materials.[1] Indeed, with the new environmental restrictions, phosphorus-containing flame retardants have taken a large part of the additive for polymeric material market.

Phosphorus-based flame retardants act mainly in the solid phase of burning polymeric materials and cause the polymer to char, thus inhibiting the pyrolysis process necessary to feed the flames.

phosphorus flame retardant diagram ; char insulation layer

Phosphorus containing flame retardants – Principle[2]

Phosphates are widely used in housings for the information technology equipment; phosphonates in polyurethane foams for automotive and building applications and phosphinates are alternatives to brominated flame retardants in engineering plastics including polyesters, polyamides, and elastomers, mainly for electric and electronic applications.[3]

Phosphorus containing building-blocks

Phosphorus chemistry is one of the most significant research area within SPECIFIC POLYMERS. The company offer more than 200 phosphorus containing building-blocks, monomers or polymers that can be of interest in this field of research. There is more to come in this field since SP’s Researcher are aiming to develop biobased phosphorus containing building-blocks for thermoset materials!

A representative sample of our phosphorus containing R&D products is given below. Depending on your needs, SPECIFIC POLYMERS provide custom design services and can developed innovative flame retardants or enhance the fire performances of your material formulations.

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