Poly(ethylene glycol), α-hydroxy, ω-phosphonic Acid

Poly(ethylene glycol), α-hydroxy, ω-phosphonic acid

Product of the month | December 2020

PEG α-hydroxy, ω-phosphonic acid is a hetero-bifunctional poly (ethylene glycol) featuring both hydroxyl and phosphonic acid functionalities on the chain ends. We offer this functional PEG with a molecular weight of 500-600 g/mol. It is a water-soluble polymer of high interest in the biomedical field due to its biocompatibility.

For instance, it was used as a coating layer of cerium oxide nanoparticles.[1,2] The phosphonic acid moiety is indeed an efficient anchoring group that binds metallic nanoparticules surfaces thus leading to enhanced stability in both polymeric matrices or aqueous solutions. On the other side, the alcohol functionality enables to integrate stabilized nanoparticles in polyurethane networks.

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