Poly(propylene glycol), α,ω-bis(cyclocarbonate)

Product of the month | September 2023

SPECIFIC POLYMERS offers a large range of building-blocks and polymers functionalized with five-membered cyclic carbonate group(s). In this series, SP-1P-0-004 is one of our best seller polymers as valuable building-block in the design and development of poly(hydroxyl)urethane (PHU) materials (foams1a, adhesives1b, elastomers1c…) and coatings.2

This macromonomer has a polypropylene oxide (PPO) backbone and two cyclocarbonate end-groups that can react with reactive diamines by polyaddition, a well-known method to access to green non-isocyanate polyurethanes (NIPU). NIPU network prepared out of such cyclocarbonate precursors are intrinsically reprocessable via transcarbamoylation exchange reactions and reversible cyclic carbonate aminolysis which pave the way toward recyclability, reparability or self-healing properties.3

SP-1P-0-004 is available with two different chain lengths:  5 or 10 units of PPO, with a molecular weight of 500 g/mol or 800 g/mol. Typically, this product is sold in batches of 10g, 25g and 50g but bulk quantities are also available on demand.


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