PPG-block-PEG-block-PPG, α,ω-bis(maleimide)

PPG-block-PEG-block-PPG, α,ω-bis(maleimide)

Product of the month | March 2021

SP-1P-9-015 is a telechelic PEO/PPO-based polymer. This crosslinker is functionalised by maleimide end-groups which can be involved in several chemical reactions such as: Michael addition, Diels-Alder reaction and radical polymerisation. [1]

This PEO PPO bis maleimide can be used for the design of new high-performance polymeric materials. Indeed, maleimides are very interesting functions that provide excellent thermal stability to the resulting materials. Moreover, such polymers can be used to develop self-healing systems with dynamic covalent polymer network based on Diels-Alder reaction which is commonly used to afford thermal reversibility and high yield. [2][3] SP-1P-9-015 is available with 3 different ratios of PEO/PPO allowing modulate the properties of your material. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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