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  • 86242-61-7

Synonyms :

  • MAPC1 dimethyl phosphonate
  • (methacryloyloxy)methyl dimethyl phosphonate
  • (Dimethoxyphosphinyl)methyl 2-methyl-2-propenoate

Molecular Weight :

208.15 g/mol

Batch Size

    10g / 25g / 50g

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  • Phosphorus based
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  • UV curable

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Frequently Asked Questions


    • When will I receive my order?

      It depends on the R&D products availability and the delivery time.
      If the product is in stock, the shipment can be programmed within a week. If it is not, we need to synthesize it and the delay will be communicate in the order confirmation.

    • Is it possible to make an order outside France?

      Yes, it is totally possible. SPECIFIC POLYMERS owns more than 500 customers over the world in more than 50 countries. Thus, we have no problems in making shipment worldwide.

    • What is the shipping cost?

      Transport cost depends on the geographic area and the weight of the package. Bellow, you will find average prices for a basic package:
      France – 20€
      Europe – 30€
      Outside Europe – 50€
      The buyer has the possibility to use its own transport account leading to a freight charges deduction in the final invoice.

    • How can I track my package?

      You have the possibility to track your package with the tracking number that we will provide you by email once the shipping is scheduled. If you never receive it or for any delay in the shipment, don’t hesitate to contact us. For any issue with your order after the shipment, please contact us.


    • What is the purchase process?

      1 – We send you a quote for one or several catalogue references and different batch sizes
      2 – You validate your choices and you send us a purchase order with the selected reference(s)
      3 – We send you an order confirmation with the selected references and their updated availabilities
      4 – We send you the chemicals and the invoice

    • How do I access the MSDS?

      The document is not directly accessible on the product page, you can have it on request. Do not hesitate to contact us if you fail in asking it through the form.

    • How do I access the TDS?

      You must give your professional details to receive it directly. If the document is not directly accessible on the product page, you can have it on request. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

    • What is the purity and the composition of the product?

      If it is not specified on the TDS, you can have it on demand. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

    • Does SPECIFIC POLYMERS offer free samples?

      Unfortunately, no.
      SPECIFIC POLYMERS is a SME acting as R&D service provider and scale up producer in the field of functional building-blocks, polymers and materials with high specificity.
      The main goal of the innovative products developed by SPECIFIC POLYMERS are to validate proof of concepts and to develop tomorrow’s materials. So, SPECIFIC POLYMERS acts as a provider of:
      • new monomers and polymers to validate proof of concept with industrial customers
      • new monomers and polymers developed by partners to validate up-scaling from gram to hundred grams or kilograms
      This is the reasons why we do not procure free samples.

    • How do I find price and availability?

      We don’t have the possibility to communicate you directly the price or the availability of our R&D products on our website. Due to the fluctuation in the market for the raw chemicals, we cannot maintain updated product prices. In addition, and even if we have some reference products in stock, our business is mostly just in time so we cannot provide the availability online.
      Contact us and we will give you all the details that you require for your order.

    • Which documents are provided with the ordered products?

      You will receive the following documents with pour R&D products from SPECIFIC POLYMERS:
      - A delivery note
      - The TDS of batches
      - The MSDS as R&D samples
      - The COA (Certificate of Analysis) on demand

    • How can I pay my order?

      You have three possibilities to realise the payment of your order:
      - By credit card online
      - By wire transfer in € and $ (payment within 30 days from the invoice date)
      - By paypal payment
      If you need help or have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also read our sales terms & conditions.

    • My question is not addressed here, who do I call?

      For R&D product related questions, you can contact directly Bénédicte Daydé-Cazals which is the R&D Product Portfolio Manager within SPECIFIC POLYMERS.
      Bénédicte Daydé Cazals | b.dayde-cazals.web@specificpolymers.fr
      For any other questions, you can send an email or call Christelle Paume, Executive Assistant, and she will do anything that is possible to find an answer to your issues.
      Christelle Paume | +33(0) 4 99 74 91 35 | contact@specificpolymers.fr