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SPECIFIC POLYMERS works on organic, polymer and material chemistry in all fields. However, the company dedicates a significant portion of its R&D efforts to four main research areas in chemistry. These research areas correspond to SPECIFIC POLYMERS’ philosophy geared toward more responsible, smartly designed materials for human health and environmental protection.

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The high-performance materials and coatings developed by the company are aimed at replacing current materials with more efficient ones in terms of performance, but also to reduce the environmental impact of corresponding end-products. For instance, the high thermo-mechanical performance resins and functional coatings that we develop make it possible to design future aircraft for which heavy metallic parts will be replaced by composite materials and functional coatings. The resulting reduction in weight would eventually lead to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This strong positioning towards environmentally friendly technologies is strengthened by our involvement in the fields of biobased materials and sustainable chemistry, polymers and materials for tomorrow’s energies. Within these areas, our researchers are working hard to find sustainable alternatives to the current petroleum-based technologies and materials that are detrimental to the environment. Finally, human well-being and health is also at the center of all our concerns. In the area of polymers and materials for the biomedical field, we are working in close collaboration with various stakeholders in the health sector to develop innovative drugs, theragnostic agents and biocompatible & biodegradable materials.

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