Novel concept for the preparation of gas selective nanocomposite membranes

hybrid materials


M. Drobek, A. Ayral, J. Motuzas, C. Charmette, C. Loubat, E. Louradour, D. Dhaler, A. Julbe


The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 224, 1921–1933


30th July 2015



In this work we report on a novel concept for the preparation of gas selective composite membranes by a simple and robust synthesis protocol involving a controlled in-situpolycondensation of functional alkoxysilanes within the pores of a mesoporous ceramic matrix. This innovative approach targets the manufacture of thin nanocomposite membranes, allowing good compromise between permeability, selectivity and thermomechanical strength. Compared to simple infiltration, the synthesis protocol allows a controlled formation of gas separation membranes from size-adjusted functional alkoxysilanes by a chemical reaction within the mesopores of a ceramic support, without any formation of a thick and continuous layer on the support top-surface. Membrane permeability can thus be effectively controlled by the thickness and pore size of the mesoporous layer, and by the oligomers chain length. The as-prepared composite membranes are expected to possess a good mechanical and thermomechanical resistance and exhibit a thermally activated transport of He and H2 up to 150 °C, resulting in enhanced separation factors for specific gas mixtures e.g. FH2/CO ∼ 10; FH2/CO2 ∼ 3; FH2/CH4 ∼ 62.


Oligomer, European Physical Journal Special Topic, Composite Membrane, Ceramic Membrane, Nanocomposite Membrane

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