Sustainable cyclocarbonates building-blocks

Products of the month | March 2023

In the course of the development of renewable Isocyanate-free Poly(urethane)s, SPECIFC POLYMERS offers its range of sustainable cyclocarbonates building-blocks. Among them, three references: SP-68-010, SP-68-015 and SP-68-020 are di- or multi-cyclocarbonate monomers synthesized from aliphatic or aromatic precursors: the sebacic acid, the vanillin and the phloroglucinol respectively, three precursors of choice in the development of more sustainable monomers and materials. These cyclic carbonates can react with a large range of diamines by aminolysis and leading to sustainable poly(HydroxyUrethane)s with different mechanical and thermal properties. 1,2 Corresponding isocyanate-free polyurethanes materials are finally less toxic than classical polyurethanes typically prepared form alcohols and isocyanates.

These 3 products are available in batches of 5g, 10g and 25g and their TDS are downloadable on our website.

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