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Products of the year | 2020

First of all, thank you for your support and your interest in our high-performance chemicals. Once again, the 2020 top ten R&D products sold by SPECIFIC POLYMERS is representative of the plurisdisiplinarity of the research conducted within the company. Our monomers appear to be of high interest in the fields of energy (Batteries, Fuel Cells), Environment (Sustainable epoxy resins, Non-isocyanate polyurethane) or High-performance materials (Adhesion, High thermo-mechanical properties). We would like to introduce you those best-selling molecules 2020 based on sales and composed of different interesting substances:

  • GCMA
  • DMAAm
  • PHTE
  • Si-PSSNa

GCMA | SP-40-001

The glycerol carbonate methacrylate is a monomer of interest to insert cyclocarbonate functions into polymers or materials. Such a functionality is widely used in the design of isocyanate free polyurethane materials or the synthesis of electrolytes for batteries (Li, Na, etc.).

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MTFSILi | SP-49-023

This methacrylate monomer is bearing a (trifluoromethane)sulfonimide lithium (TFSILi) moiety that brings outstanding Lithium conduction properties. It can be used for the synthesis of solid polymer electrolyte (radical polymerization, UV-crosslinking).

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STFSILi | SP-59-011

This styrenic monomer bearing a TFSILi moiety allows to design SPE with enhanced mechanical properties. Similarly to the methacrylic variant, it can be homopolymerized or copolymerized with a variety of co-monomers.

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DMAAm | SP-43-3-008

The dopamine methacrylamide is a really interesting monomer in the design of polymeric materials, hydrogels or coatings exhibiting adhesive (Mussel-inspired) or antimicrobial properties.

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PMTFSILi | SP-4P-6-004

The poly((trifluoromethane)sulfonimide lithium methacrylate) is the homopolymer prepared out of MTFSILi monomers. It is obviously of high interest for solid state battery applications.

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PSTFSILi | SP-5P-9-009

With its aromatic backbone, the poly((trifluoromethane)sulfonimide lithium styrene) is the homopolymer of the STFSILi monomers. It is also of high interest in the field of lithium batteries.

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This fluorophosphonic acid building block is of high interest for hydrophobicity and oleophobicity of metallic surfaces. Indeed, phosphonic acid moieties are known for their ability to anchor metals or metal oxides while fluorinated chains bring both hydrophobicity and oleophobicity.

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DGEVA | SP-9S-5-005

The diglycidyl ether of vanillyl alcohol is BPA-free epoxy resin that is of interest to substitute DGEBA in epoxy resins. With an aromatic structure, it provides interesting mechanical and thermal properties to the thermoset network.

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PHTE | SP-9S-5-003

The triglycidyl ether of phloroglucinol is a BPA-free epoxy resin of interest in the design of high performance epoxy thermoset materials. With three epoxy groups, it allows increasing the crosslinking density of corresponding cured materials.

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Si-PSSNa | SP-59P-9-001

Sodium 4-styrenesulfonate grafted silica particles are hybrid particles of interest for the design of proton conduction membranes in fuel cell applications. The molecular weight of PSSNa arms can be mastered by controlled radical polymerization.

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