Vanillin monoglycidyl ether

Product of the month | January 2023

SP-9S-5-008 is a monofunctional epoxy building-block synthesized from vanillin. In addition to the glycidyl ether functional group, this aromatic product is also bearing an aldehyde moiety in para position which makes the Vanillin monoglycidyl ether (MGEV) a very interesting reactive intermediate for making organic reactions. Furthermore, thanks to its peculiar chemical structure, this epoxy building-block is of high interest in the design of innovative thermosets, composites or adhesives. Indeed, the aldehyde functionality allows to design epoxy-amine vitrimer materials that are known to be chemically recyclable.1,2 This product is available at 5, 10 or 25g scale and bulk quantities can be synthesized on demand.


[1] Roig, A. et al., Synthesis and characterization of new bio-based poly(acylhydrazone) vanillin vitrimers, Polymer Chemistry, 2022 >

[2] Wang, Y. et al., Fully recyclable carbon fiber reinforced vanillin-based epoxy vitrimers, European Polymer Journal, 2022 >

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